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Multi Room Video Distribution: Cinemaquest gives you the ability to access and distribute all of your favorite video libraries throughout your entire home.

Multi-Room Video Distribution


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Distributed Video

Media distribution gives you the ability to access and distribute all of your favorite music or video libraries throughout your entire home, instantaneously.  Control4 has recently introduced a new line of media distribution products that allow you to keep all of your audio and video sources in one location, but with full access.

Combine that with the amazing control features of Control4 home automation and you’ll always have total control of your media without the need for electronic components scattered throughout the house.  The best method to distribute video throughout your house is with an HDMI switch that has HDBaseT technology built-in.

The HDMI switch itself is where all of the components get plugged in. So in one cabinet or storage closet you can keep all of your cable or satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, media players, receivers, gaming consoles and anything else you like to watch on your TV. Those all hook directly into the HDMI switch through HDMI cables.

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What can Media Distribution do for you?

Cinemaquest provides Distributed video allowing a single video source, like a satellite receiver or Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple TVs that are connected to a video switch.  With Cinemaquest and Control 4, the possibilities are endless.  We are an authorized dealer for Control4  – Our Smart Home Automation Product of choice.

Smart Home Automation

The Matrix: Video Distribution

Designed and manufactured in the USA. Premium quality, reliable, low latency HDMI switching. Designed for optimization with Control 4 to maximize your experience.  This video is a bit technical, but informative just the same. We are an authorized dealer for Zektor – One of our Video Distribution solutions of choice.

Video Distribution

Our Multi Room Video Distribution Process


Our process will make sure your distributed video works perfectly, achieves all of your goals,

and is successfully completed in the most timely and cost-efficient way.


We listen to our client’s Multi Room Video Distribution needs and desires. Our questions are relaxed but on point, as we balance the desires of the client with the realities of technological trends, budget constraints and product choices.


From start to finish, Cinemaquest will provide you with a complete design plan of your Multi Room Video Distribution.  Our detailed design is thorough, incorporating your audio, lighting control and more.


After our Smart Home client review, we prep the area, stage the equipment, and with the utmost care, begin the installation and programming process. Our job is only complete when the client is 100% satisfied with the finished product.


Upon project completion, the client reaps the benefits and enjoyment of their systems immediately. We ensure that the investment they have made into their home is understood and well protected with accuracy and diligence.

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We are proud to serve these communities with Multi Room Video Distribution:

Barrington, IL

Glencoe, IL

Glenview, IL

Hawthorne Woods

Highland Park, IL

Highwood, IL

Hindsdale, IL

Inverness, IL

Kenilworth, IL

Lake Bluff, IL

Lake County, IL

Lake Forest, IL

Libertyville, IL

Lincolnshire, IL

Long Grove, IL

Northbrook, IL

Wilmette, IL

Winnetka, IL

Vernon Hills, IL

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“Cinemaquest came out to our place of business in a timely and professional matter. Upon arrival they did a thorough assessment of our firms needs and presented us with options that were based both on quality of product and cost effectiveness. Cinemaquest’s business automation solutions have been essential for our firm and aided us immensely in our audio and video presentations to our clients.

In a nutshell, Cinemaquest under promised and over delivered on both their technology solutions and service. I was so impressed with Cinemaquest that I had invited them to our residence to solve our smart home automation and home theater needs. Defiantly would do business with them again! A+ experience!” Tyler Kocon

Partner, Split Rock Private Trading and Wealth Management