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For your smart home automation design or business building automation needs

Home Automation Design | Commercial Automation Design

At Cinemaquest we take great care in the design of your project. Our system design process defines the architecture, components, and interfaces that make up your project. Wiring diagrams, elevation drawings, and project blueprints are an essential part of our process and assist your architect, builder, and interior designer. Our documentation includes electrical requirements, device placement, equipment space planning, sightlines, and space requirements.


Home Automation Engineering | Commercial Automation Engineering

Our engineering team constantly evaluates new technology products to find the most reliable, highest performance products in each category. As a result, Cinemaquest offers you the best performing products available for a variety of budgets. In addition, our engineering team evaluates product integration, or how these components work together. This ensures not only the performance of each component, but your entire system’s performance. The result is a more reliable, higher performing system for the price you would pay elsewhere to receive less.

If you have all the resources necessary, but need design or engineering services for your Smart Home Automation or Commercial Business Automation project, contact Cinemaquest today.

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