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For your smart home or business building automation needs

Retaining a qualified systems designer at the planning stage of an audio/video system installation is critical if the desired results are to be attained. At Cinemaquest, a professional Project Designer works with every customer to help our clients achieve their goals. The designer’s job is to help you determine your needs and the options available to fulfill those needs. During this Consultation, your Project Designer also utilizes the expertise of many Cinemaquest specialists to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Each project is different, each individual’s entertainment needs are different, and budgets vary. Our consultations include the following:


  • Discuss and review your needs and preferences.
  • Discuss budget requirements.
  • Analyze the type of home or office construction.
  • Determine accessibility for wire routing.
  • Assess existing equipment and wiring for potential integration into the new system.
  • Examine each room to maximize audio and video placement.
  • Evaluate room size and seating to determine appropriate locations for audio, video and control components.
  • Analyze the need and benefits of a control system.

From this information, Cinemaquest will present you with a proposal designed to provide you with the best performing technology solutions at any budget.

If you have all the resources necessary, but need consultation for your Smart Home Automation or Commercial Business Automation project, contact Cinemaquest today.

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