Control 4 System Sales / Support


We are an Authorized Control 4 Dealer

Cinemaquest is a certified Control 4 Dealer and one of Lake County, Illinois’ most experienced provider of Control 4 sales and solutions. This means that we think beyond basic remote controls or surround systems and can integrate virtually any of the electronics in your home. Share a cable/satellite box or DVD player on different TVs, turn on whole-house music with the touch of a button, wake up to your favorite music or TV program, automatically adjust thermostats and lighting…and much more.  Control certification also means we can handle projects that other dealers find too challenging.


Control 4 Sales and Support Service Technicians

We employ Control 4 service technicians who are especially efficient at trouble shooting the systems we install. Should you need a Control 4 service please call our main number at 847.603.7649, and ask for our Service Coordinator. Our Control 4 Service Coordinator will schedule a time for a service technician to take care of your service issue.

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